Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tough Thursday!

Well, another Thursday at Fitness Ridge has come and gone. Treading on Thursdays is just crazy! Treading is a class where you pick a cardio piece of equipment (treadmill, eliptical, bike) and you warm up then to 5 minutes of hardcore then 5 minutes slower, then 4 minutes of hardcore then 4 minutes slower, then 3, then 2, then 1, then usually (depending on trainer) do a few more 1 minute rounds. It's awesome to see how much you sweat in that class!

Just to let all of you know, when you call reservations and you mention my name ... that I referred you to BL@FR, you get $100 and I get $100 to go towards our stays. So, please, let them know I referred you when you call them! :) I have rebooked for next Jan. 2011 and plan on bringing my hubby so he can see what I've done here. I only booked a month though!

I bought new hiking/trail shoes here at FR tonight. I have major blisters going on today from my hike. Cody here is awesome! So helpful! Seriously, buy good hiking/trail shoes way before you come and break them in. Bring scissors in your checked luggage, bring blister paks for your blisters and hot spots (they sell them here tho), have at least 4-5 pair of good hiking socks (I like Wigwam vs Wrights), bring 2 bathing suits, bring quarters for laundry ($1 per load wash & dry), you don't need a beach towel!

Today's goodies:

6:00 am Total Body Conditioning or Open Gym (optional)
7:00 am BREAKFAST (Egg Sandwich & Fruit Dish)
8:00 am Leave for Hike
8:30 am Hikes (I did Barrel Roll which is Moderate Intermed)
11:15 am Pool or Gym Class (I chose Pool today due to bad blisters)
12:15 pm OFF CAMPUS COOKING DEMO (Made Romaine Salad with homemade dressing, Turkey Meatloaf, and Glazed Sweet Potatoes)
1:45 pm Open Gym (missed it due to off campus trip and didn't get back in time
2:30 pm Ballworks
3:30 pm Treading
4:30 pm Pool (I did a 2nd Treading class instead)
5:30 pm DINNER (Baked Chicken with Potato Salad and Apple/Peach Cobbler)
7:00 pm Jewelry Exhibition (from local jewelry maker/artist)

The off campus cooking demonstration was once again awesome! Kim, the owner of Signature Suppers, was great. We made a great lunch at her healthy style cooking facility where you can have foods shipped to you on the West Coast or you can go there to learn how to cook healthy foods and take full healthy meals home with you.

I was happy that I burned 3400 calories today, but that's nowhere near to what one guy did today ... 8000!!! Yup, Brad from Canada is the bomb! He loses at least 10 lbs per week. He stayed on the eliptical today for 3 hours straight! Dedication! And, did I mention that Seth Word from BL Season 2 is here too? He's here for a month ... just like me. :)

Okay ... more tomorrow! Time for bed now though. Thank all of you that have written to me about my baby girl, Mittens, passing yesterday. It was a hard day yesterday. I wanted to go home as I was worried about my husband, but thank goodness his sister got there today to hang out with him. That made me feel much better! But, thank you for the kind words!


  1. Such great advice!! Thanks once again!!!!

  2. I told Ryan in reservations I was following your blog but I'm not sure he credited you. I'll email him back and make sure you are credited.
    Thanks again for all your insight!