Thursday, October 14, 2010

Referral Program to The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge

If any of you that read this blog like it and should decide to go to The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge either in Ivins, UT or in Malibu, CA ... I would GREATLY appreciate you giving my name as a referral! There is a referral program at Fitness Ridge! So, tell them that Dee Dee Palmer sent ya! If you like my blog and have other questions ... you can ask them here with comments or you can message me on facebook at Dee Dee Charleston Palmer (the later will get me quicker). I'm more than glad to help you with ANY and ALL questions you might have!!!

:) Dee Dee Charleston Palmer

Torturous Thursday!

All I can say about today's hike is .... OMG!!! What a killer hike! I wish my Polar Watch and Heart Monitor would have worked as I know that I was feeling the pain and the burn today! We hiked up Saddle ... beautiful hike and tretcherous climbs! I never thought I could do something like this ... EVER!!! I can't wait for my girl Sandy (my old January roomie) to do this hike if it's offered in Jan! Shew!

I was so tuckered out that I skipped my class after this hike! I chilled out on my laptop out by the pool. Beautiful day here in Ivins, UT!

We also had to do our departing guests lectures today. And, it was Treading Thursday! I'll have to do this one at home! A killer workout in the gym! You do 5 minutes at your hardest pace followed by 5 minutes at a slower rate ... Then 4 minutes ... Then 3 minutes ... Then 2 minutes ... Then 1 minute. Depending on your trainer for the class, it is then followed by either a 1 minute or more sprint or another round of the 1 minute. A killer calorie burn!

8:30-10:30 Hike
11:15-12:00 Open Gym (I skipped)
1:00-2:30 Departing Guests Lecture
2:30-3:15 Ball Works
3:30-4:15 Treading
4:30-5:15 Treading (but I went to lay down ... back pain)

Target Wednesday

Pix from Bottom to Top: Menu for Today; Kat, John, and D2; Our hiking group; Kat, John, and D2 were the only adventurous ones to climb up here!; Our hiking group on top of Turtle Rock.

Yup, it's Wednesday ... which means those that signed up get to go to Target! Woot Woot! When you get some fun people together it can be a fun thing to just goof off there! Well, Kat, Caitlin, and myself did just that! We got one of those motorized carts that the little old people use and rode it around the store. You had to be there and see it to know funny it all was! :)

During that day though we hiked with a new group since John from Arizona begged us to switch to his group. We went to Chuckwalla again! I had already done that hike, but went again due to John's begging and Kat not feeling so great to do a harder hike. Her fall from Monday caused her to be bruised and battered!

8:30-10:30 Hike
11:15-12:00 Stretch
1:45-2:30 Open Gym (Robin taught us a Step Aerobics Class)
2:30-3:15 Mountain
3:30-4:15 Kickboxing
4:30-5:15 Kickboxing (instead of Pool)


Not too much to report for this day ... we did Stop Sign Hike and I was a little burned out from yesterday. I only made it to Mini Stop Sign which was 3 miles up and then turned around and walked down 3 miles back to the parking lot. Hey, 6 miles isn't too bad!

During Open Gym today, we got 9 people together and rode the bikes to the local field where we all played Kickball! We had a blast! We were so psyched to go that we left at 1:00 so that we could have a little longer to goof off at the park! A definite must do if you should come to FR! Fun to get off campus and actually be a kid again!

Here's today's schedule:

8:30-10:30 Hike
11:15-12:00 Stretch
1:45-2:30 Open Gym
2:30-3:15 Cardio Intervals (instead of pool)
3:30-4:15 Cardio intervals
4:30-5:15 Total Toning

Helluva Monday!

Pix from bottom to top: Today's Menu; Bud on top of Overlook; The view from Overlook; Paula, Dee Dee, and Jamie on top of Overlook; Our hiking group

Our hike took us to Red Mountain Trail which led to the Snow Canyon Overlook. A tedious walk up with jagged lava rock and loose rocks to go up ... a fairly high elevation ... a little dangerous to go up due to the rocks. We made it up and had a really GREAT time on the Overlook. The pics will show that! It was on the way down that we had an "incident". One of our girls in our group, my new buddy Kat from Florida, went down hard and hit her mouth on a rock and broke her 2 front teeth! Awful! A lot of blood from that one! We had to go to the Emergency Dental for a temporary fix. She leaves this Sunday so hopefully she'll be okay until then. The remarkable thing was that she got back to FR from the dentist and went right back into classes ... all 3 hours worth! She's a Machine! Full of energy and still working out! I would have got on the first plane back home and cried all day! Not Kat!

I topped my evening off with a wonderful massage from my buddy, Brenda! I feel sooo much better! Hot Stone and Deep Tissue along with Foot Reflexology! You can't beat that!

8:30-10:30 Hike
11:15-1:00 We went to the Emergency Dental Clinic
2:30-3:15 Circuit Training
3:30-4:15 Core Training
4:30-5:15 Circuit Training (not my scheduled pool)

Sundays are for Relaxation!

Well ... I started my day saying I was going to do my laundry and just hang out with Kat out by the pool and/or hot tub, but that changed! :) I ended up going to a local Sports Bar with 2 other people so that we could watch our football games that weren't being shown on our tv's in our rooms! I had a great time with John and Caitlin and got to know them. Fun new friends from Arizona and NYC!

It feels sooooo good to get away from the "campus" and do something on your own. I'm really glad that my Tampa Bay Bucs won today! Woot Woot!

Went back and had dinner and Orientation of the "newbies" ... otherwise, that's it!

Saturday's Stop Sign and Graduation

Pix from bottom to top: Menu for the day; Stop Sign buddies that made it; Stop Sign friends Ilana, David, me, and Kat; Graduation Night with Kat and Violet

Well, on this Saturday, Oct. 9th we hiked Stop Sign. I was excited to see what my time would be this time around (even though they don't time you). I luckily had my phone with me with a stop watch on it and so ... I timed myself! I did it this time in 1 hr and 23 minutes. Not as good as my last week there before in January when I did it in 1 hr and 12 minutes, but hey, I did it!!! I made it to the top and rejoiced that I had made it! To top it all off ... I walked from Mini Stop Sign all the way back to the ridge with my new Florida buddy, Kat Wright! So, together, we walked 11.5 miles! Shew! Tired feet and swollen, but we did it!

That afternoon, we took a van to Coyote Gulch Art Center and we couldn't wait to get a cup of coffee there. For those reading this that don't know ... no caffeine at Fitness Ridge! So, yes, we cheated, but again ... just coffee!

That evening we had a Graduation Ceremony after dinner with a Kareoke Night. I've never sang at one of those things, but had another Fitness Ridge first! I actually sang! I sucked, but hey, that didn't matter ... we had a lot of fun. One of the guys that did sing, Bud, was good (but he also sings in a band back home). My buddy, Kat sang as well and was really good too!

Thank goodness for a day of rest tomorrow! A tiring week!