Thursday, October 14, 2010

Torturous Thursday!

All I can say about today's hike is .... OMG!!! What a killer hike! I wish my Polar Watch and Heart Monitor would have worked as I know that I was feeling the pain and the burn today! We hiked up Saddle ... beautiful hike and tretcherous climbs! I never thought I could do something like this ... EVER!!! I can't wait for my girl Sandy (my old January roomie) to do this hike if it's offered in Jan! Shew!

I was so tuckered out that I skipped my class after this hike! I chilled out on my laptop out by the pool. Beautiful day here in Ivins, UT!

We also had to do our departing guests lectures today. And, it was Treading Thursday! I'll have to do this one at home! A killer workout in the gym! You do 5 minutes at your hardest pace followed by 5 minutes at a slower rate ... Then 4 minutes ... Then 3 minutes ... Then 2 minutes ... Then 1 minute. Depending on your trainer for the class, it is then followed by either a 1 minute or more sprint or another round of the 1 minute. A killer calorie burn!

8:30-10:30 Hike
11:15-12:00 Open Gym (I skipped)
1:00-2:30 Departing Guests Lecture
2:30-3:15 Ball Works
3:30-4:15 Treading
4:30-5:15 Treading (but I went to lay down ... back pain)


  1. isnt saddle absolutely insane???? I LOVE the second half of it, but that first half gave me a bad

  2. when I got to the top of saddle I muttered to my self, f*ck. To may amazement everyone stared at me. Oops, guess I said that out loud! Can't say I enjoyed the second half and more than the first! But overall I loved the hike. How can I hate something and love it at the same time? Seems like you have to climb saddle to comprehend that one!

  3. Roxanne ... you sound like my kind of girl! I said the same thing! LOL :) I did love that hike though!