Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saturday's Stop Sign and Graduation

Pix from bottom to top: Menu for the day; Stop Sign buddies that made it; Stop Sign friends Ilana, David, me, and Kat; Graduation Night with Kat and Violet

Well, on this Saturday, Oct. 9th we hiked Stop Sign. I was excited to see what my time would be this time around (even though they don't time you). I luckily had my phone with me with a stop watch on it and so ... I timed myself! I did it this time in 1 hr and 23 minutes. Not as good as my last week there before in January when I did it in 1 hr and 12 minutes, but hey, I did it!!! I made it to the top and rejoiced that I had made it! To top it all off ... I walked from Mini Stop Sign all the way back to the ridge with my new Florida buddy, Kat Wright! So, together, we walked 11.5 miles! Shew! Tired feet and swollen, but we did it!

That afternoon, we took a van to Coyote Gulch Art Center and we couldn't wait to get a cup of coffee there. For those reading this that don't know ... no caffeine at Fitness Ridge! So, yes, we cheated, but again ... just coffee!

That evening we had a Graduation Ceremony after dinner with a Kareoke Night. I've never sang at one of those things, but had another Fitness Ridge first! I actually sang! I sucked, but hey, that didn't matter ... we had a lot of fun. One of the guys that did sing, Bud, was good (but he also sings in a band back home). My buddy, Kat sang as well and was really good too!

Thank goodness for a day of rest tomorrow! A tiring week!

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