Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday Nights & Sundays at Fitness Ridge

Saturday night was fun! We went bowling with a group of like 18 and one of the trainers, Sharon and her hubby. It was a lot of fun! :) The only sad part was seeing some of our new found friends leaving. We'll miss you Tina! Kassie was excited to get a pic with Tara (from BL). I posted it here! :)

Sunday ... Well, finally a day off without having to go to a class! WooHoo (that one was for you, Candace). My roomie rented a car and myself along with 3 others went with her to Target and a sporting store as she was trying to find a Polar Heart Monitor/Watch. After that, we all went to go see a movie, "Leap Year". Pretty good. BL@FR served us a breakfast of Muesli w/ Almond Milk and a Fruit Dish then they gave us a brown bagged lunch to take with us. Lunch was Chicken Salad with a piece of Flatbread Pita, Tortilla Soup, and a ziploc of Baby Carrots and Cucumbers and an apple. We all ate that outside of the movie theater before going in so that it would hopefully curb the desire to want popcorn. We got back to BL@FR around 5:00 and saw a lot of the newcomers. I got to meet Robin Coe ... so cute! (One of my followers of my blog). We then ate dinner at 5:30 which was a bowl of Chicken and Potatoes and Peppers as well as a dessert of Key Lime Pie. After dinner, my roomie, Kassie Kay and I went to the gym and worked out for about 45 minutes. See, even on our free day, we worked out. :)

Tomorrow morning brings The Stop Sign Hike again! Ugh! Dread it! More tomorrow!


  1. IMPRESSIVE...a workout on your free day! I am glad you got to relax a bit. Your blog is freakin' awesome! Love the pics too! Thanks for doing it! Karla

  2. Wow! You worked out on your "free" day?!?! Great job!

  3. Karla and DeeAnn ... thanks for always writing back to me and being so encouraging! I did work out on my day off because I had a talk with Tara and she told me how much cardio is important to lose weight and I figured I had the whole day free ... may as well work out for a little bit. :) I'm really wanting to lose 20+ pounds in my 4 weeks here!