Monday, January 11, 2010

Those Dreaded Mondays!

Yup, another Monday has come and gone! It's the hardest day of the week as you have to once again do that dreaded Stop Sign Hike! Myself, Sandi (my roommate), and Kassie Kay (our 21 yr old sidekick) decided we wanted to change things up a bit though. We walked up the first part of the hike to the 3.2 mile Mini Stop Sign and told the guides that we were going to walk back down instead of finishing the remaining 1.3 miles up the 11% accelerated incline to the major stop sign for a timed event. And, we told them we also wanted to walk the 4 miles back to the Biggest Loser Ranch instead of riding back in the vans! Yup we're nuts today! So, we did the walk back to equal 10.5 miles of walking. In doing that we got to skip our 11:15 class! We have now accomplished yet another feat that we would have never done at home! The furthest I've ever walked in my life (before coming here) was 3 miles and that was on flat ground, not in mountains! I'm thrilled at my accomplishments here! And ... I've burned 4000 calories today! WooHoo!

Today was extremely hard as far as classes went! John, another trainer that I had for the first time today was AWESOME! He made me sweat like I haven't sweat in a very long time! Take his Step-n-Pump class ... just like Sharon ... John Rocked! Here's today's events:

6:00 am Yogalates
7:00 am BREAKFAST (Frittata and Fruit Plate)
8:00 am Leave for Stop Sign Hike
11:15 am Choose either Pool or Mountain (We walked back 4 miles instead)
12:30 pm LUNCH (Carrot Soup, Salad and a Bean Burritto ... amazingly good)
1:45 pm Open Gym
2:30 pm Circuit Training
3:30 pm Step-n-Pump (AWESOME CLASS)
4:30 pm Pool (But since I don't swim, they let me take Circuit Training)
5:30 pm DINNER (Salmon Burger and Raspberry Sorbet)
6:15 pm Tai Chi (I didn't take this class as it was an optional for me)
7:00 pm Tara giving another Lecture but I didn't want to go again. Instead in my room doing this blog and relaxing after a day of 8 hours of training classes!

Another exciting thing about today ... I ate dinner across from a new guy that I was talking to. After much conversation, I found out he's from Season 2 of the Biggest Loser, but no one has made mention of this AT ALL! (Everyone's just gaga over Tara instead). He was 2nd runner up to Matt (the wrestler). His name is Seth Word. Check it out! He's married and has 2 kids and one on the way! He's gained his weight back and is now here working on losing it! He's here for 4 weeks. He said tonight that the classes and walks here are way harder than those on the Ranch of Biggest Loser! All I know is that I'm exhausted and in bed right now and it's only 7:30!

As I've already said before, I have climbed so many hurdles that I am absolutely amazed with myself right now! I'm excited everyday to get out there and work my butt off (literally)! I took 2 extra classes instead of the required 1 out of 3 offered. This means so much more than that number hanging over your head. For those of us that constantly give to others instead of thinking about ourselves when we're at home ... having this place to allow us to find ourselves is just amazing! When I get home, I now know that I will go to my gym and take so many more of their classes and eat better. The food here is really great! I bought their cookbook and plan on going home and keeping up this great venture of my weight loss!

The young 21 yr old that hangs out with me made a really good point. On the Biggest Loser show, they pull up and dump off the guests to have to do a 1 mile walk on their first day and we're all overwhelmed by it! LOL :) When you get here to the Fitness Ridge, they dump you off and you climb a 4.5 mile mountain! So much harder! Something to think about .... Until tomorrow night! :) D2


  1. What else is there to say, but YOU ROCK! You are doing such an awesome job. AND, your blog is being read by so many from Facebook and it is helping many, myself included, gain a better understanding of what to expect. Eight hours of working out seems daunting....but if y'all are making it, I am hoping I will be able to also.

    Question: Open Gym...what does that consist of?

    ...another question: How much rest do you have between activities if much at all? Man...I feel like I need a nap just reading about all you do in a day!!

  2. You are way too sweet and thank you for following my blog! :) You WILL MAKE IT when you get here!

    Open Gym is when you go into the gym with all the equipment and you are expected to work out on any equipment you wannt to for 45 minutes. I usually choose to do upper arms and abs as we get so much cardio during the day that I try to stay away from that! LOL :) But, a lot of people do repeat cardio during this time as Tara has recommended it! We also have another alum here too from Season 2 Biggest Loser, Seth Word. He's gained back his weight and working out with us all for one month. I sat with him today at lunch and had a great talk with him.

    How much rest do we get between classes. Hmmmm ... about 5-10 minutes as they usually run over the 45 minute mark. Especially Sharon! She kills you in classes and goes over! But, I love her the most! She rocks!

    I'm glad this is helping you! If you have ANY questions at all, please, ask or email me personally at Okee dokee?