Saturday, January 9, 2010

Target Run Wednesdays and Coyote Gulch Saturdays

Just wanted to let everyone know that on Wednesday nights you get to sign up for a Target run. I had a blast with roomie and our side kick, Kassie Kay! We needed a few things ... I needed some extra thermal underwear and the only ones I could find there were in the men's department ... we were laughing so hard we almost p'd our pants laughing about my thermals pants having a man "thingy". We had tears and so much fun! It was a good getaway!

We went to Coyote Gulch today (Saturday) to see the local artist talents. There was jewelry, metal artwork, paintings, other types of art, and a little cafe that sells coffee (which you're NOT supposed to have ... oops). It was okay ... I wasn't thrilled with it by any means and wouldn't go again. :(

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