Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun Friday

Okay ... bring scissors in your checked in luggage! I'm so tired of running to the front office in bare feet every morning in the cold to borrow their scissors to cut my tape for my blisters. :) Also, you don't need to bother bringing your own beach towel as they provide towels here! Makes packing a bit easier. They tell you to make sure you tell them all of your allergies for food purposes ... one girl told them an item just because she didn't like it so they'll give her something else instead of that item ... a great idea for those coming in! I didn't get this tip before I came here!

I did have a good massage last night as it was needed tremendously! I highly recommend doing this weekly if you can afford to do so. It helps!

I had a great Friday! Roomie (Sandra) and I went on a hike called Hidden Pinyon that ran into the run called Piano Key. It was a 5.5 mile hike up a mountain!!! Not kidding! We climbed a freakin' mountain! Let me tell you how excited we were to have done such a feat ... so much so we had tears that we could do such a thing! We looked down on the Stop Sign hike! AWESOME hike! Tiring, but the best yet! Sandy, our guide, was so great on this hike! We're getting better at this hiking gig!

I didn't burn as many calories today ... I think it was due to taking 2 stretch classes vs cardio burn classes. But, hey, I deserved those as my legs are killing me from the week of killer classes. I burned 3400 though and that's just fine with me! :)

6:00 am Kickboxing & Open Gym (optional...kickboxing at this hour...forget it)
7:00 am BREAKFAST (Frittata and Fruit Dish - smelled but I ate it anyway)
8:00 am Hike (Hidden Pinyon into Piano Key ... AWESOME!)
11:15 am Pool or Stretch or Cardio Intervals (I chose stretch)
12:30 pm LUNCH (Chicken Stew with Wheat Bread
1:15 pm Lecture for Departing Guests Only
1:15 pm Lecture (Preparing for Next Week at FR (some tears flowed here)
2:30 pm Total Body Conditioning or Circuit (I chose Total Body Cond)
3:30 pm Total Body Conditioning or Circucit (I chose Circuit)
4:30 pm Pool or Stretch (I chose Stretch because the Pool was freezing!)
5:30 pm DINNER (Meatball Sandwich & Fruit Skewer-strawberries, kiwi, watermelon)

I just want to say to some of you coming here ... Please, don't put your expectations of weight loss so high before coming as it's not just about the weight loss here! You'll find that you'll get sooooo much information out of the lectures and the group discussions. You'll be a better person inside and out when you finish your first week. I've done so many things that I can't even believe I've accomplished! It's absolutely amazing that I've climbed a mountain ... that I've run on a treadmill (that I've never done before) ... that I've been able to maintain sanity when only eating 1200 calories and be full ... that I can hike 5.5 miles up and down heights that are unbelievable and through sand that makes you want to cry but you keep on keepin' on! :) Just have fun while you're here and learn what your new accomplishments might be and that you can take all home and finish your weight loss journey! Please, don't come here with a number hanging over your head! Just do everything given to you and enjoy it! I love my roomie and have a great new friend! This place teaches you a lot ... I now know that I don't have to wait on everyone to be someone, but that I'm a woman that enjoys being independent and WANTS to go workout a lot when I get home! Enjoy your FR experience!


  1. I love reading your blogs! So inspirational and gets me totally excited about going...even though I still have 141 days...but whos counting??

  2. You're so inspiring! Thank you for writing about not being so wrapped up in a number. I do want to lose weight, and am hoping that I do so at FR but, you’re right it's just the beginning. I’m looking forward to what they can teach me about diet and exercise, but even more so to what I’ll learn about myself. Thanks again!