Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 ... Better than Day 1!

Okay ... We had an "optional" class at 6 am and my roomie and I decided not to take it. I think now that might have been a bad move as my Calorie count for the day is only 3900! A lot less than yesterday. Here's today's schedule:

6:00 am Hardcore OR Open Gym (Optional)
7:00 am BREAKFAST (Yogurt/fruit/granola Parfait)
8:30 am Hike (I took the Intermediate Moderate ... still hard)
11:15 am Yoga
12:30 pm LUNCH (Tomato/Basil Soup, Salad, Turkey Sandwich ... really good!)
1:00 pm Calorie Challenge (A game between red/blue/green teams)
1:30 pm Cooking Demo by Chef Cameron (I bought the cookbook ... good food here)
2:30 pm Cardio Intervals
3:30 pm Total Toning
(made the mistake of telling instructor I work out 3 x's per week)
4:30 pm Pool
5:30 pm DINNER (Enchiladas with Broccolli and Chocolate Sorbet for dessert)
6:15 pm Lecture on "Spending Your Calories Wisely"
7:00 pm Watch Party in Aerobics Room of "The Biggest Loser"
(I opted to watch it in my room so I could get on computer)

Today was a bit easier than yesterday ... the hike was more fun to go on as we went into the mountains. I took the Intermediate Moderate instead of yesterdays Stop Sign hike (all paved) or the others offered: Beginner 101, Intermediate Fast, Advanced. Tomorrow, my roomie and I have signed up for the Beginner 101 to see if it's any easier! But going through the mountains today was so pretty, but hard! We actually did some climbing up some rock areas. Too cool, but like I said, hard!

In the cooking demo, Chef Cameron showed us how he made his soups and his Wasabi Potatoes. They are so good! I bought the cookbook as I want to go home and share with hubby all the goodness of eating well!

I've met a lot of really nice people here. Some from Florida, some from Canada, Texas, Michigan, Colorado ... everyplace! One young girl, Kassie, a 21 yr old from Texas is so sweet and helpful when I need help with my Ipod! :) She goes on every hike with me and my roomie and sits with us every meal. Her parents raised a great kid! Hate to see her go when she leaves! My roomie is from Tampa and fun to be around! They paired us up well!

As for last night's lecture by Tara Costa ... very interesting person. She was so bullied when overweight in NYC! She had gone out with some of her girlfriends to dinner and afterwards they went to a club where you had to wait in line to get in ... they let all of her friends get in, but not her! :( Then as for the show, the weigh in's are held in the mornings with only producers seeing the weight results. What you see on the show is at night with everyone present and the scale making you wonder. One time, she got mad at the producers and walked off the areas where the cameras can go to and through the mic at them. She finally came back and all was good (of course, we didn't get to see that on tv). Her favorite challenge was the car pull. She's in here now working out for 2 weeks to ready herself for a marathon (and lose weight as she's gained some back ... at 160 vs the 139 she was at during the finale). She works out with everyone and we have been told to not treat her any differently than all of us. She's actually nice. She told us of a story of her going to the grocery store and a lady getting onto her for some of the stuff she had in her shopping cart. Can you imagine? How rude!

Anyway, an early morning tomorrow! We're getting up at 5:00 so we can make sure we're in the 6:00 workout!!! If you have questions ... I'll try to answer them! Really starting to miss home though ... and I have 26 more days to go! :(


  1. I love reading your updates, Dee Dee.
    I'm so glad you shared that about the Biggest Loser. For the past few episodes I've had a feeling "big brother" knew how much the contestants weigh before they get there because they're very selective with who goes on the scale.

    Keep up the great work and I'll see you on Sunday!

  2. Hey! Great post!! I love reading about your days at the Resort because it makes me less nervous. I have a question though....What happens on the hike if you gotta "go"?? Do you carry toilet paper just in case or what? This is a real concern for me....I know. Silly, but still worried about it!

  3. Thanks for posting about Tara's lecture. When I heard that she was going to be there just 3 weeks before me I was a little disappointed. I wanted to hear her lecture, but you filled me in, so thanks.

  4. KC ... on the Stop sign hike, no bathrooms. On the Intermed. hike, no bathrooms. On the 101 Hike I did today there was one. So, my advice to you is to make sure you use the potty before getting on the van!!! You're drinking a lot of water too here and it makes really hard to hold it, but unfortunately, that's what you have to do! :(

  5. LOL! Thanks for the reply on that one. :)