Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Pix from Top to Bottom: 1.Michelle's Birthday 2.Birthday Strawberries 3.Kassie and Dee Dee on Teeter Tawter Rock. 4.Kassie, David, and Dee Dee on Teeter Tawter. 5.Dee Dee happy about being on the Treadmill during Mountain at 15.0 Incline!!!

Well, to finish off my Tuesday blog since I wrote it during my lunch break ... I said I was going to try to do 2 Cardio Intervals on Tuesday ... I did 3!!! Yep, I'm crazy! But, it was good ... I was on the Treadmill and I burned 271 in the first class, then 266 the second class, then was feeling the pain during my 3rd class and hopped on the Recumbant Bike where I only burned 210. But,it was a good workout day for sure! One of the ladies here had her Birthday and they brought out Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a candle on it for her. :) Cute

Today was better though. I definitely burned more calories today! We hiked 3rd Rivine but we had a new guide and we took the wrong path and then went the wrong way and went too far! We ended up hiking 6 miles! Oh, well, Jordan is still sweet even though he took us the wrong way ... hey, we got a good workout! :)

The best part of the day though was riding the Street Stryders up to the Kick Ball field again where we had a great game of Kick Ball with 8 of us plus one of our trainers. After we came back from that Kassie and I did 2 Mountain classes and a Kick Boxing Class! Crazy, huh? Mountain is where you are on a cardio machine and step it up one time every 3 minutes for a total of 12 times. You can either add on speed or resistance to your machine, but you have to make it harder each time. I did both of my Mountain Classes on the Treadmill. Had a good calorie burning day!

Just want to mention that a great snack that I've been making is sliced apples with Truvia sugar sprinkled on it along with a lot of Cinnamon! It tastes like an apple pie without the crust! It definitely helps you get through the day!!! I like the Hot Tea (Vanilla) with Cinnamon sprinkled in it too! The hot tub helps a lot as well! Your muscles ache A LOT at the end of the day!

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