Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tiring Thursday!

Pix from top to bottom: 1.Our group mid point Saddle Hike. 2.The frozen ice at Fern Gully. 3.Our hike group at the Arch coming down from Saddle.

Hiked up Saddle today and let me tell you ... it's hard!!! A straight up climb for a lot of times! We went over to Fern Gully to see the water fall that I had seen back in October ... too funny ... it was frozen ice!!! We took a pic of it for comparison! A lot of slippery rocks today for sure! But, all in all, it was a good hike even though it hurt my back a bit!

Went back to the Ridge for a Stretch class, Lunch, then it's Treading day! I did 2 of them and had to leave at the end of the 2nd class due to my back hurting so bad. I called Brenda, my friend that gives massages, and she came and picked me up and gave me a great hour and a half massage!!! She's awesome! She thinks I sprained my back and it felt like it too!

Dinner tonight was AWESOME!!! We had grilled skewered shrimp and veggies over rice and for dessert we had apple cobbler! Yummy!

Well tomorrow is my last full day here at the Ridge! Saturday is just a hike, then shower, dinner, & graduation! Home on Sunday! I can't wait to get home to my own bed and see hubby and my kitties and big boy (my Boxer). I miss them all! :)

More tomorrow ...


  1. I found that to be the hardest hike! enjoy!!

  2. I can't write what I said when I got to saddle. Definately R rated. And as it was nobody was supposed to hear me when I said it! A lady would never say that... :) But then I only pretend to be a lady!

  3. That David guy.. was he there in July? He looks a lot like a guytat was there when I was there?

  4. I miss Fitness Ridge SO much!! Have a great stay!

  5. Thank you guys for posting your comments! :)