Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday is Finally Here!

On Saturday for our hike, Kassie, myself and one of our buddies from last January, Denise Eastman, went walking through Kayenta and then on to Coyote Gulch. We hung out there shopping and looking at the art works before walking on back to the Ridge. We walked a total of 8 miles for our jaunt! It was great to see Denise and we all shared our stories of the past year. We love you Denise!

Yup, last night was Graduation Night. However, Kassie and I decided to skip it and go rent a car and go out. We needed to get away from the Fitness Ridge and find an escape. We did! A little sushi restaurant called Benji! Yummm! :) Afterwards, we went to go see the grad's bowl and then we went to get some cards and such from the local store.

Today, Kassie and I decided to go out for some lunch and see a movie. It was fun to go hang out. We saw "Little Fockers"...funny movie, but not as good as the first one. You know how those trilogies can get! It was just fun though to hang with my buddy and roommate! We then came back to our room and watched yet another movie, "She's Not in My League" and then go to the Orientation in the dining hall. A lot of newbies here this week (40) compared to the stay over guests (26)! I already miss my buddies that had to leave today and on Friday! :(

Tomorrow will be yet another thrilling day for Kassie and I as we made a pledge today to either make it to the 6:00 am classes this week OR go to the gym after dinner and work out for no less than 30 minutes each night! It will be hard thing to stick to, but we need it in order to lose the weight that we want to lose! Today was weight in's and I lost 5 pounds and KK lost 4! So, we're not disappointed (especially since KK was sick all week), but we know we can do much more than we did this past week! So, we'll see how that works! My plan is to stop my Polar Watch after every hike and every class and write down how many calories I burned per class. That way I will know at the end of the day as to how much more working out I need in order to burn more calories than I did last week. I have to do MUCH BETTER this week! Wish me luck!

Remember, if you use my name when you book Fitness Ridge, you and I both will receive a Referral Fee of $100!!! So, tell them that you read Dee Dee Palmer's blog and that I sent ya! :) If you need me to help you with any questions about this wonderful place, email me on Facebook (Dee Dee Charleston Palmer) ... Nighty Night!!!

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