Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop Sign Monday!

UPDATE: The Access Hollywood Airing of Eric & Seth here at FR has been postponed until Feb. 9th. They felt they would be a good "sweeps week" airing! So, you'll have to wait until then ... :)

Well, I didn't have such a great day today, except for my time on my Stop Sign Hike! I cut off 9 minutes from my 1st week's time of 1:32 and 1:27! Today's time up to the sign ... (drum roll please) ... 1:18! Woohoo! I was ecstatic! My new roommate did it in 1:10! She was running the treadmill all day as well! She'll do good this week! Then some of us that went up to Stop Sign got a ride back down to mini stop sign and walked all the way back to FR! That's a whopping 11.7 miles! However, I was in major pain on the last 2 or so miles.

When I got back to FR I was in dire pain (my knees and my left little toe). One of the new ladies here this week is a nurse practitioner and told me my little toe was infected. This goes back to week one for me when I had a major water blister on my toe and after a week of it, I popped it! It was "okay" during my 2nd and 3rd week, but really was painful today! It's swollen up like the size of 2 toes and now a little purple. So, I went to the Urgent Care ... yup, a staff infection of all things! I got a $100 prescription of Clindamycin and a major lecture from the doctor. So ... here's his input: He feels like the FR guests aren't educated properly enough on blister prevention. That we should be told to put moleskin on our hot spots (vs duct tape) and to have lots of it handy. He also told me to stay out of the pool and hot tub as chlorine doesn't kill all the little germs that could get into blisters and cause staff infections. I'm not infectious (unless it begins to puss ... which it never did). As far as my knee is concerned, he wants me to NOT HIKE 11.7 miles for the next few days ... right! This is my last week and I'm considering it "my last chance workout". LOL :) So, I don't know what tomorrow morning will bring, but I hope I can hike the Stop Sign in maybe flip flops or my Cross Training Shoes. I just won't be able to wear my hiking shoes for a few days until this swelling goes down! :(

Today's Schedule:

6:00 am Yogalates
7:00 am BREAKFAST (Egg Sandwich & Fruit Dish)
8:00 am Leave for Hike (Stop Sign)
11:15 am Pool or Mountain (I walked back from Stop Sign instead)
12:30 pm LUNCH (Chili & Cornbread ... the best)
1:45 pm Open Gym (I stayed in my room with ice on my knees!)
2:30 pm Circuit
3:30 pm Step-n-Pump (I left to go to Urgent Care during this one)
4:30 pm Pool (I was still gone to Urgent Care)
5:30 pm DINNER (Chicken w/ Potatoes and Asparagus & Grilled Pineapple)
6:30 pm Tai Chi (Went back to my room with ice bags again)

I'm still in bed with ice on my knees! That's how bad they hurt! My new piece of advice ... bring Icy Hot back patches. Cut them in half and put one on each knee when they hurt and it definitely helps out getting through the hikes! That's what I've been doing the last 2 hikes! They don't sell those patches here at the shop, but I got them at the local drug store! Definitely worth having some here with you!

Okay ... I'm off to bed ... more tomorrow!

P.S., Miss ya' roomie! I hope you had a good flight home and that the kids were still up for ya' when you got home! :)


  1. Oh Dee Dee - I'm so sorry to hear about your staff infection... uuurrrggghh... and then your knees on top of things ~ poor thing! - Thank you for the info about the robes to the pool - If anyone has "tea-tree oil" it's also very good to use on any kind of scrape or blister or anything - helps keep infection away - and also works on clearing up anything that is going on. Thank you also for the heads up about the patches ~ Do you wear them as you're hiking or afterwards? Would you recommend bringing along a heating pad to go back and forth between heat and ice?

  2. Wow! I hate that for you. Hang in there and thanks for more great advice. This blister thing is scarring the crap out of me!

  3. Rachelle, I wear the Icy Hot patches while I hike and it's helped me alot!!! My old roomie brought a heating pad with her and she used it on her back at night time.

    KCsMomma ... Thank you for your comments. Just bring moleskin and use it your first day like your heels and outter toes. Or wherever you think you might be prone to get a blister! :)

  4. Thanks Dee Dee... I'll try them! ~ How is your blister holding up... I keep thinking about you hiking in flip-flops!.. (only a girl from Florida would even consider such a thing!) ha-ha... Actually - I'm worried about your Staph infection... I hope that the meds are helping you.
    I was wondering if you'd share what your favorite hikes were... and then the least favorite ~ as well of any advice you might have about hikes that might not be great to do for someone with stabilization/vertigo issues and fear of heights... Ok... I admit it - I'm a ninny... don't mind going up... but it's the needing to have more than a postage stamp to stand on to feel safe... I have a sort of depth perception thing when going down ~ and if there is loose rock or something that I might not hit solidly - I've been known to take a tumble or two... Do you recommend hiking poles?...

  5. OOOH I'm sooo sorry about your toe and knees!! Glad that you had somewhere to go, even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear.

    Keep up the great work!!

  6. Rachelle ... gosh, that's a hard question regarding the hikes. My first week, I did all the Beg 101 hikes. The are slow moving, but I loved getting off road and climbing. There are a lot of guides to help. My second week, I did Intro to Intermediate hikes ... again, good ones but some places do have heights, but there's plenty of ground to stand on! I don't recommend going up from Intro unless you're fast and don't mind heights and climbing. I did those on my 3rd week ... Intermediates! My favorite hike was Hidden Pinyon into Piano Rock and the other fav hike was Slots and a close runner up was Fern Gulley. A lot of aventure and pretty views, but yet some climbing. My least favorite is West Canyon Road! A flatter climb which parallels Stop Sign, but it's gravel road that goes 4 miles and you have 4 miles to come back. Just my personal opinion! :) I hope this helps.

  7. Oh Thank You Dee Dee ~ I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us all. It's great to get an idea of some of the choices we have. It really helps :)