Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Roomie!

Well, my new roomie got here today around 2:00. Her name is Lisa and she's from Oregon. Lisa is a 34 year old mom of 3 and is very nice so far. Thank goodness, she likes Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, and Grey's Anatomy! Otherwise, I'd go crazy. Sandy and I always looked towards watching those shows on Sun, Mon, Tues, and Thurs nights. So, all's good with the new roomie so far.

Ephraim Salaam from the Houston Texans and his wife (ex professional dancer) are here starting today as well. He's really tall ... Can't wait to see them in the classes. More info on that later! I did google him and found that he also played for:
Atlanta Falcons (1998–2001)
Denver Broncos (2002–2003)
Jacksonville Jaguars (2004–2005)
Houston Texans (2006–2008)
Detroit Lions (2009)
Houston Texans (2009–present)
In case anyone wanted to know. :)

Someone asked to see pix of the rooms, I didn't really take any just of that, but I do have some pix that were taken in my room. So, here we go: One pic is of the dresser you'll share with a roomie with a tv on it. What you don't see is to the right of that is a desk and chair with an alarm clock on it and a phone. The other pic is of the queen size beds with a night stand in the middle with 2 lamps for each person. I didn't take a pic of the closet. It's 2 sides with no doors. The bathroom is a tub/shower (however some people only have a shower), toilet, 1 sink with big counter. Outside of the bathroom is another smaller counter with a sink and behind the door is a bench seat with a hook above it for hanging your robes. I hope this helped! :)


  1. It was great meeting you in person!

  2. Hey Honey,

    Hope your last week is good. I guess I owe you a foot massage when you get home.

    Luv you,


  3. Dee Dee ~ I'm so enjoying reading each of your entries on your blog. You've given us all an amazing glimpse into FR life! Your accomplishments are inspiring - THANK YOU!
    I have a quick question - What do folks wear going to and from the pool (other than their suits!) Do you wrap up in a towel - wear a cover-up - or a robe or what?
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. DeeAnn ... Thank you ... It was so nice to met you too! See ya tomorrow!

    Rachelle ... FR gives you a robe (ask for it if they don't) and you wear that to and from the pool. Alot of people even wear it into the dining room too. I didn't, but alot of ladies do. :)

  5. Oh, and Mikey ... yes, you'll owe me a foot massage! :) Love you, honey!

  6. Thanks for the pics of the room! They look pretty comfy--I guess if we're just sleeping there, I don't need to worry too much, huh! Way to go with the 11 miles even though you're in pain. Only a few more days!