Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going Home!

Top Pic: My new roomie this week, Lisa from Oregon and me
2nd Pic: Sharon teaching Pool class
3rd Pic: Nicole ... such a cutie!
4th Pic: My gang at lunch ... Me, Mike from NY, Jim from Colorado, Brad from Canada, Dirk from Colorado, and Sara from Virginia

Well, I had to bite the bullet after limping around here for several days and make the horrible decision to go home early. At least it was only 2.5 days early! I'm in dire pain with my knee and need to just relax and put my feet up for a few days. My hubby asked me to come on home so he could pamper me and get me a doctor appointment on Monday. So, home I go in the morning! I leave FR at 8:20 am and catch my flight out of Vegas at 1:30 pm to get into Orlando at 11:00 pm ... in other words, a very long day of flying (and having to eat airport food). I'm testing out with Sharon in the morning, so I'll give further updates on my weight loss and inches lost sometime or another tomorrow.

I want everyone to know that I totally loved it here at FR! I learned so much and came to the realization that I can do a lot more than I ever thought I could ... I am woman ... hear me roar! :) I have my reservation for me and my husband to return next year on January 2nd for one week. I want him to see what I did but for 4 weeks! My blister problems and knee problems were no fault of FR but my own. So, protect your feet (even though I did with Body Glide and Wigwam Hiking socks and duct tape) and if you do get a bad blister ... DON'T GO IN THE POOL OR HOT TUB!!! Supposedly, that was my cause of the infection in my little toe. Open sore (blister) + hot tub/pool = infections. However, I didn't get a blister until I decided to go get some Wright's anti-friction socks and use them. So, who knows what happened, but it did and I've learned! I hope you readers will do the same if coming here to FR.

I met so many friends that I will never forget! Too many to mention, but I know I have a great new friend in my old roomie, Sandy from Tampa! I miss you terribly and I hope to see you soon! And, to Jim and Dirk from Colorado and Brad and Sat from Canada! Muah! Denise from Utah, Sara from Virginia, Kassie Kay from Texas, and Katie from Texas ... you all rock! Again ... I met many others, but these guys were always with me at breakfast, lunch, dinner, hikes, & classes. Oh, and Mike from New York ... I will say my prayers for your wife and hope she gets into remission real soon! Thanks for walking that last 11.7 miles with me! Seth and Eric ... you were so real and sweet and I hope you lose your weight again and get back to that person you want to be on the outside, but please know that you are sweethearts on the inside!

The trainers here at FR are awesome!!! Sharon is my all time hero for getting in my face and being "my Jillian" ... Tiffany and Robin were so sweet and easy to talk to ... Marjorie's smile lights up the room and it never disappears plus I get a kick out of watching her jog up and down the aisle as you do cardio intervals ... John is hysterical especially in Cardio Disco Jam ... Nicole is such a sweetheart and plays great music ... Anne Marie is a delight and I'll never forget the "Titanic with the frozen people in the water" during our pool class as well as "tiny bubbles" ... Paige is so petite and helpful on the Quizno's and Albertson's runs. At the front office, you can always count on great help from Cody! He's just the best! Heather is a sweetheart! And, Travis ... you're so darn cute! Loved those Target trips! Trevor is nice and hunky! :) Hope I didn't embarrass you, Trevor! Glen who went through the program while I was in it is incredibly sweet! Like father, like son. Cameron is like his Dad, Glen. He is both adorably cute and sweet! Renee is always bubbly! And in reservations, I WILL NEVER FORGET my girl, Nancy! She got me here for my 3rd and 4th week after being on the Waiting List like forever! You Rock! The kitchen staff was awesome and always accommodating! Thank you Chef Cameron and Jennifer ... and to my girl, Gretchen! The food at FR is unbelievable! And, last, but definitely not least ... Brenda Cunningham is the best darn massage therapist ever! You made me feel like melted butter. When you go to FR ... please, tell her Dee Dee recommended her! Get her deep tissue or hot rock or whatever massage as she does them all well! Thank you for working out my kinks and frustrations!

So, I'll keep updating the blog but not daily ... I'll let you know how I'm doing on my weight loss. Don't worry ... I will continue working out and eating healthy as I don't want to be this overweight person any more! I know I came here to FR with knowing I had to lose 40 pounds ... this definitely got me on my way. So, Tom (my trainer at home) I'm ready to bust my butt and get in shape again!

Talk to you all again soon! ( or Dee Dee Palmer on Facebook)


  1. Dee Dee ~ Props to you for all you've done these past 4 weeks. You've been such an inspiration to so many of us who're following your blog... You are positive ~ funny and very candid about what it takes. My heart is full of appreciation for you sharing your journey with us. Have a wonderful "re-entry" into your life at home ~ and best of luck with your healing! Thank You!

  2. I want to thank you for your insight fot FR. It has helped prepare me for my trip in April. I am glad to hear you plan to continue your blog. And i look forward to hearing about your successes at home. Let us know how you are doing and how your toe is doing. Safe travels.