Friday, January 29, 2010

On My Way Home!

Well, I'm sitting in the airport in Las Vegas and getting excited to be home. I'm a little upset that I had to leave early, but excited to see my hubby and doggies. I did do my test out today and got my numbers ... here they are:

Weight on Jan 2nd: 194 Weight on Jan 29th: 180 For a loss of 14 #
Chest on arrival: 46" Chest on Departure: 42" For a loss of 4"
Waist on Arrival: 42" Waist on Departure: 37" For a loss of 5"
Hips on Arrival: 44" Hips on Departure: 38" For a loss of 6"
Thigh on Arrival: 23.75 Thigh on Departure: 21" For a loss of 2.75"
Calf on Arrival: 17" Calf on Departure: 15" For a loss of 2"
Arm on Arrival: 13" Arm on Departure: 12.5" For a loss of .5"
Body Fat Arrival: 36.8 Body Fat Departure: 34.3 For a loss of 2.5
BMI Arrival: 30.4 BMI Departure: 28.2 For a loss of 2.2

So, I lost 14 lbs and a whopping 20.25 inches!!! Inches mean a lot more than the pounds to me as I know I gained a lot of muscle while at FR! I'm really proud of myself for what I accomplished while at FR! I hope all of you coming in will remember what I've said ... don't worry about the pounds lost, but the inches lost at the end! I brought a pair of jeans here, but didn't try them on this week. BUT, I'm excited to say that I did buy a new pair of jeans in the airport ... I was wearing a size 14 when I left home ... I bought a pair of size 10's!!! Yahoo! I was ecstatic! So, enjoy your stay at FR ... get the most of it ... don't wimp out ... don't make excuses as to not doing your workouts, but just work out hard!

More to come in a week! I'm getting ready to board my flight!

Top pic: Me on departure day with Sara Howe from Virginia
2nd pic: Me on departure day with Katie from Texas (NOT CALIF AS I STATED YESTERDAY!) She looks like she should be my daughter, doesn't she! She's been at FR now for 7 or 8 weeks and has lost over 25 pounds!!! Awesome feat!


  1. Dee Dee, I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye! It was so nice meeting you and Fitness Ridge doesn't have that same "sparkle" now that you're gone.

    Keep up the great work and I hope your feet heal very soon!


  2. You look great and it was fun to follow your blog, it got me very excited. Sounds like you made the very most of your visit. I sure hope your foot heals quickly

  3. Robin: I so enjoyed meeting you too! You are a great person! I know you'll do good there at FR! Keep me posted on your accomplishments! Can't wait for your test out stats! :)

    Michelle: Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog! You have been so kind! :) I wish you much success in your fitness journey!

  4. Thanks for all the info, this has me excited and scared...worried mostly about my feet. That and missing my dogs & hubby!! But I know it will be worth it!!