Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowy Sad Saturday!

Yes, I said snowy! We went out on our Sat Stop Sign Hike and couldn't go past the Mini Stop Sign (3.2 miles up) due to the ice covered roads on the top of the mountain. So, they turned us around to avoid injury and made us walk either down the 3.2 miles or up to West Canyon which roomie and I hate! So, we all walked back down and then another 4 miles back to Fitness Ridge Resort. So, a total of 10 miles was walked by roomie and I! Not too shabby!

I must admit, I'm a little sad today as I know that my roommate, Sandy is leaving to go home tomorrow and I have really enjoyed her company. I know I now have a new friend in Tampa! I'm so glad that we only live a couple hours away from each other. I can only hope that my new roommate is as nice and accommodating as Sandy!

After our hike, we came back to FR and did a Circuit class. After that, we went to lunch and then sat in the hot tub for 2 hours while washing/drying clothes. We then got ready to go to Graduation in the dinner hall and received our 3 week prize of a great looking Fitness Ridge jacket. We were happy. Afterwards, we went out to celebrate!

We came back and Sandy packed her suitcases to be ready for her weigh in in the morning and to catch her shuttle back to Vegas. Now, I'm here writing this blog while she sleeps and I worry about what my new roommate for tomorrow will be like! :(

Top pic: Sandy and Marjorie (instructor and hike guide at FR)
2nd pic: Eric hiking (I kidded him about wearing his underwear over his pants ... LOL)
3rd pic: Ice covered bridge on the Stop Sign Hike
4th pic: Sandy and Dee Dee after going out ... taking a pic of ourselves ... we forgot to take one while we were out tonight :(

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