Thursday, January 21, 2010

Access Hollywood/Extra Visits Fitness Ridge!

Well, today was exciting! Access Hollywood/Extra visited Fitness Ridge to film Eric and Seth in action here at the resort. Those guests who wanted to be on film had to sign waivers and then they were in the filming as well. It was fun and I can't wait to see how they edit it all down. It's supposed to air either next Tuesday or Thursday.

I went on a hike today with roomie. We went on the Stop Sign Hike, but we only wanted to do the mini stop sign (3.2 miles up and then 3.2 miles back down). We originally wanted to walk back to the resort (4 miles) but nipped that due to bad weather! We did it really quick and had to wait in that parking lot for half an hour to get a van back to the resort and we were freezing in the rain! We huddled up together to try to keep warm! Rain, wind, and freezing cold make it a miserable day! But it was better than hiking in the mountains with those conditions!

It's been raining all day long! And they told me when I got here my 1st week that it only rained like 10 days per year. I think it happened this week! Sucks! :)

My roomie, Sandi, and I have thought about making up a shirt to wear here next year. LOL :) It would read, "I lost my boobs at Fitness Ridge". hehehe ... It seems that's the first place it goes away! Not too great of a place to lose, but oh, well ...

Top Pic: Dee Dee, Sharron (one kick butt instructor!), and my roomie, Sandi!
2nd Pic: Seth Word, Dee Dee, and Eric Chopin
3rd Pic: Tonight's Dinner (best yet) Stuffed Chicken with Wild Rice and Peach Cobbler
4th Pic: During filming at BL@FR with Eric and Seth. Maria from Access/Extra in middle during lunch

Today's Schedule:

6:00 am Total Body Conditioning or Open Gym
7:00 am BREAKFAST (Eggs, Bacon on Whole Wheat Muffin)
8:00 am Leave for Hikes
8:30 am Hike (We did Stop Sign)
11:15 am Open Gym (Pool closed due to weather)
12:30 pm LUNCH (French Onion Soup, Greek Pita with Salad)
1:45 pm Open Gym (but we did filming with Eric and Seth)
2:30 pm Ball Works
3:30 pm Treading
4:30 pm Pool (Closed so we did Weight Circuit)
5:30 pm DINNER (Stuffed Chicken Breast with Wild Rice and Peach Cobbler)

I'm so excited about getting home next weekend and riding my new Street Strider! I'm sad I'm losing my roommate, Sandi! :( I'm sure I'll cry when she leaves and I have to get a new roomie for my last week! I told her that I'm going to go buy handcuffs and rope and hog tie her and make her stay with me for my last week!!! LOL :) Nancy did such a great job placing us together. The good part is that we're only about 2 hrs away from one another and will see each other again! I'll miss you Sandi! Muah!


  1. Dee Dee,

    You have to let my wife come home. The boys and I are missing her big time. I know that we can't wait till you come home to Fla. as well and our families can get together.
    Have fun for the rest of your time at the ranch.

    Todd (Sandi's Husband)

  2. I'll try to let her go ... she's been a GREAT roommate! I don't want to room with anyone else! We clicked from day one and that's just odd! I told her I was going to get some rope and tie her up in the room, but I guess since you asked so nicely, I'll let her go on Sunday! I'll be sad though! :) I can't wait to meet you and the boys when I get back to FL! I know I've made a really good friend while here at FR! Thanks for sharing her with me!

  3. Dee Dee, No problem. I know that she has enjoyed meeting you as well. I know that when you get back there will be many trips to Orlando. Well, it is not that long of a trip for us either since we live only about an hour from Universal/Disney (That is me driving).
    The boys are ready for their mom back and it is strange having her gone. I was the one always doing the travel thing for long periods of time.
    I just want to let you thanks for keeping the blog going every night. I know that it tough to stay on it every day.