Friday, January 7, 2011

Treading Thursdays and Zumba Fridays!

Pix from top to bottom: 1. Rene, Nancy, and Trevor after the last Treading class. 2. Kassie enjoying the Spin Bike during Treading with Gretchen. 3. Me being a dork! 4. Our Alumni class from last Jan that returned this year! 5. On Upper Gila with Kathy from Colorado, Linda Ash and me.

Sorry for not posting yesterday! I was so pooped out after a day full of exhausting hikes and Treading! After that slam packed day and eating dindin with my bestest roomie, Kassie Kay ... we went and sat in the hot tub and then back to the room where we fell asleep while watching "The Blind Side".

I can tell you this, Upper Gila hike is killer! I didn't think I would be able to finish it and still be alive! My heart rate was so high I thought for sure I'd have a heart attack, but I didn't and I'm glad I got to see such beautiful views! I burned 1250 calories on it!!! Then I topped it off by doing not one, but two Treading classes!!! I'm a nut case, right? You ask what is Treading ... you go your hardest on whatever cardio machine you want to use for 5 minutes, then cool down for 5 minutes. Then you go your hardest for 4 minutes, then rest for 4 minutes ... then 3 ... then 2 ... then 1. Then whoever the trainer might be throws in a surprise of some sort for another amount of time. It's a killer. I did my first class on the Recumbant Bike and the 2nd class on the Treadmill! Shew ...

Today I did the Stop Sign Hike, but only went to mini (3 miles) and then back down to total a 6 mile hike. I'm mad that I didn't burn as many calories on it though as I did yesterday on Upper Gila. I'm finding that I can get through the paved hikes quicker and easier, but my calorie burn isn't great enough to be happy about it! The off road climbing hikes are the way to go for a harsh calorie burn! After I got back from hiking and did lunch, I had a great time doing 3 classes of Zumba. I really like these classes! But then again, I am an ex-dancer!

Tomorrow's plan ... to leave from FR and walk down towards Kayenta and then on to Coyote Gulch to check it out and then walk back to FR. It's supposedly around 10 miles total to do that ... we'll see with my handy dandy new Polar GPS Watch! :) It calculates my hiking miles along with my speed of walking and my calories, heart rate, and time exercised. More on this hike tomorrow. :)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog ... anything special you want to hear about, let me know! :) Dee Dee


  1. oooooooh polar has a GPS watch? How much moolah

  2. They do! It's the Polar RS300X with the GPS unit. It has it's downfalls though! You can't view the calories as you're burning them, only after you shut off your workout and then go back to the files to view them. :( But, it does calculate miles walked or when riding your bike. It also gives you the speed you walk or ride. BUT REMEMBER, if you get into a vehicle to ride it also calculates that too!!! It costs araound $285 and I found mine on I hope that helps ya! :)