Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still Cold in Utah!

I can tell you this much ... Utah is definitely a lot colder this year than last year! Snow on all the mountain tops! It's beautiful to look at, but not very fun to go hiking in. Due to a bad knee I got on Monday from hiking on the icy stuff and it getting sore yesterday on Scout Cave hike, I opted today to just walk on a paved route. I left from Fitness Ridge and walked to Kayenta and back which was 7 miles. Not as crazy as the climbing hikes, but something new.

I have a great idea for those of you craving something sweet while you're here! Have one of the waiters/waitresses bring you a ziploc baggie of sliced apples. Take that ziploc bag and sprinkle one packet of Truvia and some cinnamon on top of the apples then seal it and shake it up. Voila ... instant apple pie without the crust! Now everybody is doing it here. LOL It is good ... especially when you don't like something they're serving for a dessert ... like pineapple skewers. In my opinion, they aren't good! One girl tried it on a banana and liked it, but I don't know about that one ... I didn't try it as it didn't sound that appealing to me.

Just as a reminder to those that read this blog, FR does have a referral program. If you feel my blog has helped you out and answered some questions you might have had, please, tell them you heard about Fitness Ridge via Dee Dee Palmer! I could use the referral and if I'm not mistaken, you get something too. :)

I hope you like my blog and if you need any questions answered or if you have any ideas of things you'd like for me to blog about, please let me know! Peace Out!

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