Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm BAaaccCK!

Yup, I am back at the Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge! This is my 3rd time here and I hope that I keep up my good work and eatting ethic! I went home Oct. 17th and did good. I lost 5 pounds then the holidays came along, but I still didn't gain, but maintained. I came back to BL@FR on Sunday, Jan. 2nd weighing in at the same weight that I left here with in October, but remember ... the weigh in was at 5:30 pm after eatting bad all day during the flight times!

I would like to say that when I got home from the BL@FR in October, that I started eatting the Biggest Loser Meal Plan online. It's very good food and easy to prepare (just like a tv dinner) and affordable! So, for those of you that are either cooking challenged or need help due to being so busy during the day ... this plan is for you! I highly recommend it!

I didn't get to write in the blog on Sunday or Monday as I was so darn tired that I couldn't stand myself! I might add, that it's snowing in Ivins, Utah!!! Unheard of so they say, but it's happening! Of course, my roomie, Kassie, just had to throw snow balls at me on the first day out hiking! I might add that she did it 3 times!!! I told her paybacks were a bitch! :) I did get one snowball back at her, but need to repay for the other 2 she got me with!

There have been more changes here AGAIN!!! There are no longer any awards (rewards) at the end of the week now! Your reward is what you learned while here and your DVD they shoot during the week ... that's it! So, no more tshirts or other goodies!

Also, we did a Hip Hop class during our Open Gym class today. The girl they got to teach was good as well. I wish they'd do more of that one! :) Can't wait for Friday to have Zumba classes!

I'm not blogging in my normal way any longer as everything else is the same! The foods are the same with 1200 or less calories for the day with getting either almonds or a boiled egg for extra snacks which are both 100 calories extra. The class schedules are the same each day as they were both back in Jan and Oct of 2010. So, I only want to write fun and different stuff.

So far this trip is great as we have a lot of our last year's alum back again! We have Lynne Bingham who brought her daughter. There's also Kim Corbin who brought her daughter. And, Tina who brought her daughter. Also here is Elizabeth and her mom, Jane as well as Linda Ash from Canada and Candace Hurley our Army girl! :) But most importantly ... how can I forget .... my roomie, Kassie Kay Farr from Texas??? She's the bomb diggity!!! :)

Snow or no snow ... the pool is open for classes! I'm so glad that I don't swim!

More later ... Peace Out!


  1. Wow, so many alumni there! I wish I were with you all but have a wonderful time and keep up the great work! Tell Candace hello!

  2. Hi Robin! I wish you were here too! We have like between 8 and 10 of us back here. I will def make sure to tell Candace hello from you! :) I love your new profile pic! So pretty!

  3. I cant believe they got rid of the weekly prizes! It was nice to get little momentos! Its funny because theyre busy as hell, make TONS of money and are cutting the nice little extras.. do they still provide karaoke, movies and bowling?

  4. Brandi, I know right!!! Last Jan, they gave a different prize each week depending on the week you were in (1st wk guest vs 2nd vs 3rd vs 4th). Then when I came back in October, they had changed it to where you only got a tshirt when you left. Now, nothing!!! They said they had to cut back on them. A few of us suggested that they charge like $20 more per week to be able to give out that prize. Trevor said our prize was our DVD we get at the end! Oh, well! I am sooooo glad I got my first time 4 prizes of tshirt, backpack, and jacket!!! Love them! :)

  5. I am so happy I already got the 4 prizes as well! It seems strange they had to cut back when theyre making so many thousands from so many people! Im happy I got to be part of the resort right before the big boom! When i went my second time the graduation dinners etc were all different and less personal and we played board games for grad :P lol