Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 3 ... Feeling better!

Okay ... it's day 3 here at Fitness Ridge and I'm feeling much better! I had a great hike through White Rock Reversed into Piano Rock and ended up going through Hidden Pinyon. I burned 800 cals on that hike, but did 3200 for the day. On the hike we saw a Tarantula Spider! A bit scarey, but interesting! I didn't realize they could jump 20 feet! But, silly me, took a pic of it up close as well as sitting behind it for a photo op! :)

My day was packed full of working out!

8:30-10:30 Hike
11:15-12:00 Circuit Training
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:45-2:30 Open Gym (I worked on the treadmill)
2:30-3:15 Kickboxing (I skipped pool)
3:30-4:15 Kickboxing
4:30-5:15 Mountain
5:30-6:00 Dinner

We had an awesome breakfast: French Toast with Raspberry Sauce, Sausage, and Scrambled Eggs. For Lunch: Beet Soup (I hate beets, but this soup rocked) with BBQ Pizza. Dinner: Cafe Salad in a Tortilla Shell. I had a banana after the hike for a snack. I also downed all of my water ... again!

I've met another Florida girl here. Her name is Kat. She's from St. Augustine. A funny and sweet girl who is a power house when hiking and in the gym! A true hard worker here! Glad we met!

I had a wonderful day today meeting a lady from Maryland. Her name is Ilana. She is here with her hubby and she's such an inspiration!!! She has battled 2 raps with cancer. Her first being 16 years ago having had Ovarian Cancer. And her 2nd was just last year fighting Breast Cancer. She's had a double mascectomy and has suffered through chemo. She's here at Fitness Ridge going strong. She makes me feel weak seeing her work through all of her issues and doing so with such grace and vigor! She's battled and won ... and now she's battling again to get her weight where she wants it. My idol is now Ilana! (Hopefully I will get a pic of her this week before she leaves on Sunday)

We also went on a Target run tonight ... I only needed clothes detergent, but I wanted to go to escape the ranch for a little while! :)

Okay ... more tomorrow!!!

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