Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sorry that I lost touch!

Okay ... it's been awhile now since I've blogged! (March to be exact) I lost track of it and I feel bad. I had surgery (gall bladder) and wasn't allowed to work out for 6 weeks and I fell back into my old ways and habits! I had got down to 170 lbs before my surgery! Since then, I've gained back 18 lbs! I figured out that I could't be back up that much when I return to Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge! So, I got back into the gym and I've been eating good again. I'm now 15 lbs from being back down to the 170 I was at! However, I'm only 5 lbs from being where I was when I left BL@FR in January!

My exciting news: I'm going back to BL@FR to Utah on Oct 3-17!!! I can hardly wait! I was reserved to go to their newest facility in Malibu, California, but I was on the Waiting List at Utah and received my phone call today that I was found a spot to go into! Ahhhh! I can barely contain myself! I jumped up and down so much that my water broke ... and I'm not even pregnant! ba da dum dum! My attempt at humor!


I'll report more weekly from now until the time I leave for Utah again! Hit me up on my facebook page: Dee Dee Charleston-Palmer or email me if you want to know particulars that this blog didn't help you with! d2dancer@aol.com

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