Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Update

Okay ... I've been home from FR for 2 months now and I must admit that it's been hard to keep up with the foods and exercise as we learned it there. However, I've still lost weight. That's much better than gaining or not losing at all. Here's my updated measurements and weights:

Weight Today vs Weight on Departure from Fr

173 (down 7 lbs) vs 180
Bust 42" (no loss) vs 42"
Waist 35" (2" loss) vs 37"
Hips 38.5" (up .5") vs 38"
Thigh 21.5" (up .5") vs 21"
Calf 15 (same) vs 15"
Rt. Arm 12 (.5" loss) vs 12.5"

So, I'm down a total of 7 pounds and down 1.5" since leaving FR! I'm on the right road, but I need to follow the directions to get there a little easier. :)

It's been rough! I came home with a bum knee and messed up toe (the toe still bothers me). I ended up canceling my trainer since I felt I learned enough at FR to do it myself (I had my trainer for a year prior to going to FR). My problem has always been the getting there to the gym ... the desire to want to work out. That's not my problem at this point! My problem is health issues ... listen to this!

My husband and I went riding the motorcycles last weekend and had a great time. We got home and hubby cooked a rotisserie chicken for me and we had a great dinner and while watching tv that evening, I started having intense abdominal and rib pains which began hurting in the back as well. It only intensified to make me go to the ER that evening. I was admitted into the hospital on Monday morning and they informed me that they advised a emergency gall bladder removal. My gall bladder was so distended (inflated) that they thought it best to do it right then. I'VE NEVER HAD A GALL BLADDER PROBLEM IN MY LIFE! Well, I did it as I remember my hubby's problems with his for 10 years and didn't want to go through that like he did. So, now, I sit here with 4 holes in my tummy and told that I can't work out for a few weeks! This sucks!!! I was doing so good. Why me? I was so enjoying going to the gym every day and taking my Zumba classes at the RDV Sportsplex! I even had my Techogym key reinstalled and updated with my new weight lifting capabilities so I could do my own weights without a trainer with me. I was doing treading and getting on the bike. DAMN! Always something! I did hear that with a weight loss change in your body, that the gall bladder issues show up quicker. Don't know if that's true, but hey, it showed up quick for me after losing 20 pounds! :)

Anyway, I'm still on the weight loss track and enjoying seeing the numbers falling on my scale! I know I can reach my goal of 155 ... it's just a matter of when will I reach it! :) Stay tuned for the end of April results ... I'll be back in that gym as soon as I feel better!


  1. Dee Dee, I'm glad to read your update but am sorry for your health issues...dang it. I'm pulling for you! I've been home a month now and (knock wood) things are going great so far. Am working with a bike dude to help make my streetstrider easier to transport cuz I was really burning the calories with it. I'll look forward to seeing your update at the end of April!

  2. Wow, you are doing wonderful even with the gall bladder surgery. You weight is great, and you are so close to your goal weight. You were my inspiration to really get blogging. Maybe our paths will cross someday and we will be more than cyber friends. ((hugs))

  3. Sounds like a rough adjustment. Surgery of any kind is a huge road block, not to to mention GALL BLADDER surgery! The best advice I can give is to continue your health journey everyday so that you can stay out of the hospital! The fact that you are so positive is already inspiring those in your life and those who read your blog! Keep kicking ass!