Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Month Home ... Still Losing Weight!

I've been home for a month now and I weighed in this morning at a loss of 6 additional pounds since leaving FR! That's exciting! That makes my weight loss a total of 20 pounds now! WooHoo! I'm still working hard at it! I go to a lot of classes during the week: Zumba, Boot Camp, Kickboxing (not like Sharon's), and one on one training with my trainer.

I can't wait to return to FR in Jan 2011! For those going soon ... I hope my journal helps you. :) Work hard and you'll see results!


  1. Dee Dee, Your blog has totally helped me prepare for my trip in "29" days!!! wow that is soon! lol Thanks so much!!

  2. Dee Dee, Thanks for the update! I'm so proud of you! How is the streetstrider? Mine has a flat and still needs to be easier to transport....