Thursday, May 19, 2011

2nd Week during 4th Visit to Fitness Ridge in Utah

Pics from top to bottom: 1) Cactus blooms; 2) My roomie, Kat; 3) Me on Cinder Cone; 4)Van 7!!!; 5) Overlooking Stop Sign while on Cinder Cone.

My 2nd week at FR was once again amazing! I did some good hikes during the week (Stop Sign, Upper Gela, Cinder Cone, and my fav, CamelBack!). I loved my hiking guides this week, John, Kendall, and Avalon. Hiking is my favorite thing in Utah ... that's the MAIN reason I keep going back. I've done CamelBack 4 times now and FINALLY went down into the Vortex! I'm proud of myself!

I met some wonderful people during my stay ... as I usually do! Patti Anderson and her daughter, Stephanie (from the Biggest Loser Season 9) were so thoughtful and down to earth! My fav's so far! Paulette Gilbert from Phoenix, Arizona ... you rock! Loved meeting you! Colleen from Pennsylvania ... you're a hoot! Erin Benwell, Sean Lucas, and Nicole Kindred all from Canada! Loved the laughs we had ... remember the chiropracter fun??? :) Van 7 rocked!!! Luisse and Ruben from Vegas were wonderful! Oh, yeah, Ruben danced in the tv show, "Dance Your Ass Off"! Loved the Zumba class with him!

I've had such great experiences during my stays at Fitness Ridge! Besides my Vortex conquer ... I also ran 6.3 on the Treadmill this week! I'm a happy girl! I'm so looking forward to my next adventure in California Sept 18, 2011! And, I've reserved my next Utah FR trip during the Ivins Fitness Festival ... so, I'll be back in Utah again April 29-May 13th of 2012!!! The Fitness Festival is May 6 where I'll once again do the 10K! I absolutely loved being there this time of the year! The weather was great ... the cactus flowers were in bloom (which I've never seen before after going 3 times previously during the cold months).

Just an additional fun thought for those that were there while I was there this past time. A lot of us want to go back the first week in Sept to see Sean Lucas and to see how his progress was. He's there for 19 weeks!!! I'm wishing him nothing but greatness in his endeavour! I will be pricing The Red Mountain Spa to see how much it will be ... I'm also going to book a hiking guide for the stay to go hike Camel Back and maybe in addition, Saddle. Anyone want to join us ... let me know!

I took some pix of the gym construction. It's scheduled to be finished June 16th. I can't wait to see the finished product! Pix are here on the blog!

I must let you know, I did great during my stay. My test out was 8.5 lbs down as well as approximately 8 inches! I'm happy with that. I've lost 2 lbs since being home and it's only Thursday. I will post my progress here for you to see! :) If you like reading my blog about Fitness Ridge, please, tell Trevor or Nancy or Shalay! There is a referral program! You can't go wrong by going to FR! Don't just go by the pricing ... understand how much you get out of your stay! You'd pay that amount being on a vacay and messing up your health! Serioiusly ... go to FR and check it out! Tell them Dee Dee sent ya! ... Dee Dee Charleston Palmer on facebook! Ask any and all questions, but make sure you put the blog interest as your subject line so I'll know why someone that I don't know is emailing me. :) Okee dokee?

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