Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm new to the blogging world, but here I go on my way to try. :) I am going to work really hard this month to start on a new path of eating right and exercising a lot in order to lose weight and begin a healthier me! I used to be a dance teacher who had an awesome body! Then, I retired and here I am ... 35 pounds overweight and not feeling good about myself! So, my goal ... to lose at least 25 pounds during the month of January (hopefully more) and be a better person! I'll update you frequently as to what I'm doing daily and you'll see a new me appear in February! This picture is what I saw after my son's wedding ... I almost cried! To see myself so out of shape was enough to get me to begin looking into Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge!


  1. Good luck Dee Dee. How long will you be at FR? I'll be there in 22 days (Jan 24 to Feb 7). Maybe we'll actually meet in person.

  2. I'm at FR until Jan. 31st! I'll get to meet you! :)